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The audience was shuddering and did not hesitate to express their enthusiasm and approval. And for good reason. The meeting of a renowned conductor, Benoit Fromanger, and a flautist whom all the gratin tears, Juliette Hurel, could only make sparks. Whether with Saint-Saëns and his taste for the East, which is reflected in the famous Bacchanale, Khachaturian which leads the listener in a joyous Armenian feast or the fourth symphony of Tchaikovsky which carries the audience into the intoxication of the " forgetfulness, pleasure has traversed the spans of the jewel case. Through its performance and shared emotion, the ONL has succeeded in restoring music to its true place, a living art accessible to all.

La voix du nord, 10/11/2016 Lille

Benoit Fromanger at the head of the Nice Philharmonic Orchestra with his precision and dynamic conducting has highlighted all the elegance, sensitivity and lyricism of the music of Spain.

Philippe Depetris, Nice-Matin 18/06/2015

It began with the Carnival Overture of Dvorak where the French director Fromanger showed the great sound potential of the orchestra as well as an indescribable variety of nuances. It was an interpretation of splendid dynamism and rhythmic accentuations, in which there was a remarkable identification between conductor and orchestra.
Finally, Tchaikovsky's Pathetic Symphony was heard, where Fromanger provided an anthology version, faithfully capturing the author's intentions. The last and heartbreaking movement was the highest point of the concert. The spectators felt touched to the tears since this part of the work is considered farewell to the life of the composer. At the end there was an overwhelming silence that made the public not applaud until they perceived that the director finished the work. It was the best concert for the closing of an exceptional season.

Julio César Huertas, Montevideo 8/11/2013

Thanks to the cultural association "Il Theatro Circulo ", the closing of the 2013 season has been entrusted to the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and his Principal Conductor Benoit Fromanger.
A musician who transmits kindness, warmth and friendliness to his orchestra and which obedient to him blindly .
Fromanger gets a full sound and clear phrasing in all the different groups of instruments , it may be one of the strengths points of this ensemble.
In short, a great French conductor Fromanger and "more" with the Symphony of the New World Czech master Antonin Dvorak !

Rosario News 5/11/2013

The Metropolitan Orchestra conducted by Benoit Fromanger: "a transcendent musical experience"

„It is in a friendly atmosphere that Bizet, Ibert and Chausson have been interpreted in the Maisonneuve Sylvain Lelièvre's hall on Friday.
The Metropolitan Orchestra and guest conductor Benoit Fromanger have captivated the audience from the outset, with a "unique" sound that revisits these three modern composers.
What distinguishes the Metropolitan Orchestra is this impression that we are bound to him the space of a concert. It is the warmth with which the conductor talks about the composers, and his obvious complicity with the musicians. It's a final at the exceptional peak we fill the heart and soul. Fromanger has the art to convey the modern orchestral music and to make fall in love anyone who will lend ear.“

Roxanne Gadoua
Montréal express, 18 January 2011

„Er besitzt präzise Gestik, einen fesselnden Blick und ein offenkundiges Einfühlungsvermögen für die Musiker. Benoît Fromanger ist ein erstaunlicher Chef und wie sonst keiner in der Lage, seine Leute zu mobilisieren und dazu zu bringen, ihr Bestes zu geben. Wenn man ihn sieht, merkt man, daß er mit den ganz Großen gearbeitet hat: Kleiber, Maazel, Bernstein, Haitink, Barenboim, Muti, Mehta …
Fromanger hat einen zweiten Karriereabschnitt brillant begonnen. Wir konnten uns glücklich und stolz schätzen, dies mit ihm zu erleben. A star is born, soviel ist sicher!“

Philip de la Croix
Direktor von Mezzo TV, Direktor der Konzertsaison Prima La Musica !